Sunday, October 24, 2010


Many people who are not fond of our blog is saying that we write about the same people repetitivley and that we make it seem like anyone who is on our site is a kobe bryant.
Our response to that is we know where the great players go and if we here that their somewhere we will follow them to see if our evaluation is true. Not everyone on our site will star in the nba some players may not even go but we only write about players who seem like they have the potential to do so .., in all honesty if a player scores 10 points and 10 assist but plays no deffense and doesnt put forth effort they wont be on our site because we dont feel they have the potential to make it to the league so therefor where tough scouts deal with it

lamar kimble VS Juwan gooding

lamar is a tough philly guard who plays with poise but yet is hard nosed he makes the right play when and is equally talented in scoring and passing and is capable of punching in 15 plus with his loaded squad
Juwan who is an assasin a great scorer and capable of going for 25 plus any givin night is a very strong and athletic guard.

Team rankings for new jersey (14u)

1. has to be the south jersey crew team final who are stacked with talent one of the top guards in the country lamar kimble along with the arrival of ray allen prototype malachai richardson and division 1 prospects trevaughn wilkerson and malik ellison give you an elite team nearly impossible to challenge

2 This team is pretty underated but with thier st.patricks affiliation and great coaching staff along with solid players otis livingston and isaiah still means a bright and promising future lies ahead for this crew
3Team scan formerly known as kyda had a promising season last year and shouldnt disapoint this upcoming season and i beleive some of thier players will be attending the phenom camp on the 30th in conneticut

Jamari Stephenson video highlights

Jamari Stephenson is one of the Nations best point guards with a game similar to that of austin rivers. Jamari doesnt put up numbers like rivers but thier game is similar and if this younster keeps working he has the ability to become one of the best. He is one of Hoops Elite's favorites and he should be high in our rankings

Saturday, October 23, 2010

jr phenom should be fun to watch

This years regional camp seems to be packed with talent in all age brackets HoopsElite crew will be in conetticut this saturday and sunday to see how our favorite phenoms do against the regions best.
jr phenom regionals