Thursday, June 23, 2011

tyus battle 2016

We havn't seen much of,  Battle due to the decline of the once unbeatable team battle. But that doesnt mean the 6'2 guard isnt still putting in work. he has one of the best jumpshots around. Tyus can simply do whatever it is he wants. when he is on the court he is just a killer yet off the court hes soft spoken .... keep up the good work tyus 

Star update (isaiah briscoe)

I beleive this is the first time this young man has graced our site, and that is an injustice. Briscoe will be playing highschool basketball with St.benedict's prep and rumor has it is he is already starting varsity. Isaiah simply gets buckets if you want a score just give him the ball and he will do work. we will keep you posted on his progress.

Karl Towns = Durantula

Karl Towns is a Piscataway native , and with his height and tremendous skill set it is expected that he would be compared to kevin durant. 6'10" and only in the 8th grade based on the video you can tell this young man has range well beyond the nba 3 point line . He has post moves that make Enes Kanter look mediocre and not to mention he is playing against some of the best 14u 15u teams in the country (Playas Basketball Club)